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Russian Visa Support


Citizens of most foreign countries are required to obtain a visa from the nearest Russian Consulate to visit the Russian Federation. The following are exceptions:

Citizens of all other countries are required to obtain visas. There are multiple categories of visas, but Oksana’s can assist in obtaining two types of visas: Tourism & Business

How to Obtain Visa 

Visas can only be applied for at Russian Consulates located around the world. You can only apply for visas from a Consulate in your home country unless

1) You have legal right to be in the country where you applying for more than 90 days. This typically requires a work permit, student visa, or similar document as proof.

2) Your country has an agreement with Russia that allows its citizens to apply in other countries – typically an agreement of reciprocity that allows equal treatment of Russian citizens. Citizens of EU countries can apply in any EU country. Currently, US citizens are allowed to apply in EU countries, but this tends to change and you should check with Consulate in advance.

Each Consulate will have slightly different application process and prices and cannot be listed here. Please check with the nearest Russian Consulate for details. Some require the applications to go through a third party and the details will be on the Russian Consulate website.

Warning: Some companies create websites designed to trick you into thinking it is the Russian Consulate to sell you visa processing services. Please be careful.

What’s Needed?

The following are the typical requirements for visas:

How to Order Invitation

*Currently, 3 year visas are only available for US and German citizens. In the US, past Russian visas and entry to Russia in the past year are required. Some consulates may require live interviews and supporting documents such as proof of employment, proof of insurance, etc. More information is available on the Consulate websites. New agreements made in the future may make it possible for citizens of other countries Additional requirements including prior visas to Russia exist. If you are interested in three year visa, please write to Oksana’s for more information.

Please note due to insurance restrictions, Oksana’s is unable to provide visa invitations to countries that the Russian Foreign Ministry has categorized as High Immigration Risks.

How to Register Your Visa In Russia

Current Russian law requires visitors to Russia to register their visas with local authorities if their stay is more than 7 business days. Oksana’s provides registration services only for

1) visitors who have obtained their visas using Oksana’s (our name is listed on your visa as your sponsor) and/or

2) visitors who are renting apartments through our company. We provide this service for 20 euros per person. If you are staying at our apartments, we will offer this service at check-in. If you have used our invitation but staying elsewhere in St. Petersburg, you will need to visit our office at Nevsky Prospect 69 during working hours.